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What makes Albenet so great?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Albenet as a host.

Money Back Guarantee

Albenet SLA with Money Back Guarantee 30 Days

Guaranteed Uptimes

ALBENET will strive to preserve and maintain the guaranteed uptime 99,9%.

Great Support

ALBENET don't offer promises that we can't keep, but ALBENET will try our best to serve your hosting service.

Easy to use cPanel

ALBENET Hosting Provider using Web Panels Manager a very easy.

Site Performance

ALBENET will try our best to maintain the best performance of your web hosting.

Our Dedication To The Client

We are all about keeping our clients happy - to that end, we give our clients as much freedom as we possibly can, while also providing them with plenty of room for growth. In addition, we conduct regular surveys to ensure our valued customers are totally satisfied with the level of service they are receiving. We take every comment, complaint, and concern seriously.

Cheap Hosting

We are one of the cheap hosting providers and also provides a bundle package.


We provide Free Domain, SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP for some of our hosting package bundles

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